Why use an InjectorSentry?

Ease in setting your pump

InjectorSentry gives realtime feedback of product flow rate so you know the amount of product that is actually being injected.

Keeps watch for you

Once you have flow rate where you want, arming the InjectorSentry will allow it to shut your irrigation system down if application rate goes off target.

Easily move from site to site

RAM® mount and quick coupler connections make moving quick and easy.

Remote access

The InjectorSentry is fully functional as a standalone monitor, but with our optional remote access feature you can check on your InjectorSentry anytime, anywhere.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Do I need to buy an InjectorSentry for each pivot?

An InjectorSentry is needed for every injection pump that you would like to monitor. If you move injection pumps from pivot to pivot, the InjectorSentry is made to be easily and quickly moved from one pivot to the next along with the pump. You will need an interface box for each pivot that you plan to use an InjectorSentry on.

2. What flow rate does the InjectorSentry support?

Currently the InjectorSentry supports flow rates from 20 to 180 gallon per hour.

3. Will the InjectorSentry work with an injection pump installed near a pump panel?

Yes. The interface will need to be installed in the pump panel for this type of installation.

4. What power supply voltage does the InjectorSentry need?

The InjectorSentry interface is designed to be powered with 120 VAC. The interface then supplies 12 volts DC to power the InjectorSentry.

5. How close does the InjectorSentry need to be to the pivot or pump panel?

The standard cable length between the InjectorSentry and the interface is 6 feet.

6. What are the components that make up an InjectorSentry?

The entire system consists of three components. A flow meter/pressure transducer, InjectorSentry display box, and the panel interface.

7. Is there an annual subscription cost for the InjectorSentry?

There is no annual subscription for the InjectorSentry unless you use the optional telemetry feature.

8. Can the InjectorSentry work with my existing pivot monitoring service?

If your existing pivot monitoring equipment has a pulse input, this can be connected to the InjectorSentry’s pulse output to enable remote displaying of fertilizer flow rate.


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